My Survival Locations

I certainly believe if you have the resources, all throughout the mountains and forest of Canada are great spots to set up camp and survive on your own. You will likely need a mobile shelter, think truck, RV, or Heavy Duty Van, Fire starting resources, heavy and warm clothing, ability to grow your own food, ability to hunt for your own food, shovel to dig for well and water source,tarp to catch water, fishing pole.

Deserts of California, Arizona, and New Mexico. If you can tolerate the heat, there are very remote locations all over that you can build a fortress to stay hidden when needed. You will need a shovel, possibly a tractor to build an underground lair, a means to dig a well to reach the water table, tons of food or a means of hunting are growing your own food.

Northern Russia – Much of the northern part of the country is not inhabited leaving a great area for people to stay and reside. Same tactics go as Canada

Alaska, Less than a million people live in this giant state.

An island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

Pay somebody for private living.