Surviving on Appat Island

Appat Island, an earlier suburb on Appat Island in the Qaasuitsup metropolis in northwestern Greenland is positioned in the Uummannaq Fjord. This freezing land mass has an assortment of minor islets stretched about it, together with this presently unoccupied and cold location positioned close to Thule air force base. The flat terrain positioned above the sharp rock face is covered with ice sheets and summits at a height of 1,688 metres, and the land mass remains inaccessible by sea ice for a great deal of the year. It can only be accessed via a vessel or helicopter.  My friends Jack, Michael and I had accidentally reached there by a yacht and were faced with a bad situation. Keeping a control on our nerves, we were trying to establish our precise site by making use of the map and GPS. Jack even managed to note down the grid reference, and the name of the island, as well as the route we were on. Owing to bad phone signals, Jack somehow managed to send text messages to his family, his office, his brother and one to the Emergency SMS service.  On the other hand, Michael was all for switching off the mobile phones (in order to safeguard their battery life and then use them as necessary)