Surviving Floods

Not too many people consider flooding to be a dangerous natural disaster, but it’s a lot more common than you may think. If you live in Sacramento or New Orleans chances are you may have to deal with serious flooding. During the wintertime in Sacramento the rain can truly be a serious threat to the two rivers that run through the city. There are many areas in the city that pose a serious threat to the safety of many of the citizens.

New Orleans is even worse. Located in southern Louisiana, right off the gulf coast- New Orleans has been subject to some serious hurricanes resulting in tremendous destruction. It is national known how bad the city of New Orleans is when it comes to floods and hurricanes. I would not want to be near or in the city of New Orleans when a hurricane or rain storm is happening. Both Sacramento and New Orleans are great cities to visit and live, but as far as flooding is concerned; it can be very dangerous.

Surviving a flooding is not an easy task, but there are many things to consider. When you decide to either buy or rent a place to stay; you must consider a number of factors before making a clear decision. Considering where the closest river or lake is will allow you to know where a possible flooding threat could come from. If you live in a one story house, this could be a serious danger. Having at least two stories will help to protect against the on onslaught of serious flooding.

Once you recognize a serious problem, the best thing to do is leave the area. No one should risk there life, by staying around. Most individuals have home insurance in case anything serious happens. It is difficult to pick up one’s house and move to a different location, but leaving the area personally can be done to ensure safety above everything else. Most people don’t like the idea of having their house destroyed, but there is not much that can be done to help prevent against these types of disasters.

Floods are nothing to mess around with, but when it comes to protecting yourself- don’t allow a flood of water ruin your day or house. Thinking twice about where you live, stay, and hang out will effect many long term plans you may have. If you live in New Orleans or Sacramento think about your current location, and use some common sense to see if where you live is safe if a natural disaster like flooding occurred.

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