Surviving Not Going To College

Here in America, our education system breeds sheep. The children of today, are told when they are young that the only way to compete with everyone else is by continuing school, going to college, getting a degree, so you can be competitive in the job market. That would be great if our education system was actually teaching our students knowledge worth knowing instead of their brand of propaganda from the diapers, through the pampers, and to the panties, boxers, and tidy whities.

The United States of America is falling well behind the education systems and the technologically advancing societies of the other first world countries. Our students are all learning the same exact curriculum all across the nation and their is very little diversity of knowledge amongst the kids. And, since everyone is all being told to go to college and compete in the job market, most of the other competitors are exactly like each other, and everyone could be shuffled around, earning the same amount of pay, and one person not being too much different from another.

Also, the idea of a job is something that I sneeze at. By working a job, unless it is to make capital gains, man
y people will get stuck in the cycle of using 40 hours of their week working, 56 hours of their week sleeping, 10 hours driving, another 10 eating, for those with families, another 25 taking care of family necessities, this leaves 17 hours every week for productivity. This busy lifestyle leaves no room for entertainment, reading, learning, and just any other kind of production in general. Nobody can become fully satisfied with their lifestyle by working for someone else. We are innately programmed to want to excel at our lives, and by becoming just like everyone else, it is very hard.

For the previous reasons and many more are why I suggest avoiding the college life, unless you plan on doing something that could earn you a very high standard of living, contributing to the world, and something you would be satisfied doing for the rest of your life. Otherwise, there are many other avenues of life you can take.

Something I was always told was work hard on yourself when you are young so you can freely enjoy your life when you are old. Too many people in this world are working hard their entire lives, and entertaining themselves with their tv, their video games, their lounging around and avoiding actually focusing on their lives and doing something worthwhile.

Surviving life without college requires a lot of focus. If you are college aged, that means you are an adult now, it is time to take the path that you want in life and stop doing things because people tell you to, or because people want you to. Do what you want to do with your life. You have freedom, take advantage of it. Make money early on in your life. I am not satisfied with the way currency is created in this world, nor am I happy with who possesses it, but to be able to survive for a lengthy amount of time, you need a lot of it. IF you make the money as soon as possible, you could use that money to create more as opposed to when you have a job, the money you get dissapears, because it is hard to enjoy a lifestyle that is eaten up by so much time. Time is the most valuable thing we all have. Do what you can with your time and make sure what you are doing with it will leave you with a prosperous future where you can actually be happy.

Think about your expenses, where you are living, the cost for you to survive. One of the kings of currency is Warren Buffet. If you have never heard about how frugal he was his entire life, then read up on him, he could provide you without a lot of information so you can be successful.

That’s all for now, give me a holler if you need information.

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P.S. Here is a well written article by the Huffington Post that may convince you to avoid college at all costs :

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