Surviving Not Going To College

Here in America, our education system breeds sheep. The children of today, are told when they are young that the only way to compete with everyone else is by continuing school, going to college, getting a degree, so you can be competitive in the job market. That would be great if our education system was actually teaching our students knowledge worth knowing instead of their brand of propaganda from the diapers, through the pampers, and to the panties, boxers, and tidy whities.

The United States of America is falling well behind the education systems and the technologically advancing societies of the other first world countries. Our students are all learning the same exact curriculum all across the nation and their is very little diversity of knowledge amongst the kids. And, since everyone is all being told to go to college and compete in the job market, most of the other competitors are exactly like each other, and everyone could be shuffled around, earning the same amount of pay, and one person not being too much different from another.