Survive a Natural Disaster

Whether it’s a tornado, hurricane, ice storm, tsunami, earthquake, forest fire, or avalanche we all hate natural disasters.  Besides taking your life potentially, millions or even billions of dollars is spent every season on the aftermath of these terrible events.  There is no part of the US that isn’t safe from natural disasters.  Earth Scientists spend their lives trying to predict these events but end up falling short.  Mother Nature works in ways that are unpredictable to say the least.  There are certainly ways to prepare yourself from these life threatening catastrophes. It starts with knowing what region you live in and what the common natural disasters are.
The west coast is plagued with floods, volcano eruptions, and catastrophic earthquakes.  The Midwest has been known for its notorious tornadoes and winter ice storms that causes  tons of money  to be spent on damage every winter.  The east coast seems to be not as bad but still suffers from snow storms as well as nasty hurricanes that can be fatal in some situations.  If you’re thinking about moving to a new city in the U.S., think about your safety first.  Living in a city known for any of these natural disasters can be the difference between life or death.  Of course you shouldn’t plan your life based on these natural disasters but it’s a good idea to keep these thoughts in the back of your mind.
 If you’re wondering if Canada is better, ask yourself if you can live in the freezing cold your whole life.
The Southeast contains places in the U.S. like Florida, but again, hurricanes destroy land and people every year.  Near Florida in the Bahamas, hurricanes are regular. Hurricane Albert took out much of the Bahaman area, including famous basketball player Tim Duncan’s home along with his pool. Hurricanes can really wreak havoc on the south and south east. But when living there, try to think of the positives our Hurricanes. They can bring in dumploads of water to the city. They can cause businesses to have a lot of work coming in. Hardware stores will have spikes in business, auto detailers will get a spike, pool cleaning services will get a lot of work, and fence re-builders. If you may be the type who wants to run away and start a new business for yourself, jumping into a business listed previously, you could definitely have a huge spike in business every few years when a hurricane hits. Plus, a lot of these services are commonly paid in cash.