Surviving an Economic Collapse

Losing your job, house, and car due to economic collapse in the financial markets is the worst and hopefully you never experience it.  Most people don’t prepare for a financial disaster.  I truly believe the quote, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” is 100% applicable to a financial disaster.  Once the day comes where your job, house, and car are gone you’re essentially homeless and not much can be done at that time.  In order to protect yourself from this type of fiasco you must prepare for years and years.  There is not a magical pill that will solve your problem at the moment of your collapse.  Most people don’t realize that many of the goods and services they constantly buy day in and day out are killing them.  It’s important to ask yourself anytime you buy something, “Is what I’m buying really important for me tomorrow?”  Messing with credit and loans for houses and cars is a very dangerous feat.  It’s important to understand that when you go to a bank to get a loan you must ask yourself, “is the item I’m purchasing going to make me cash on a monthly basis?”  If the answer is no than it’s worthless to purchase.
To prosper in a monetary system like capitalism you must own assets.  Assets are investments that pay you month after month until the investment is sold. Popular assets most people purchase in the US are real estate like rental properties, small businesses, and stocks.  Most financial advisers will tell you owning assets in a well diversified way is extremely smart.  Of course no one knows when the economy will crash, but there are other ways to hedge your money.  Gold has been known throughout history as one of the most popular precious metals.  In 1971 the US took off the gold standard for the money supply.  In essence the money supply was completely opened up for the banks to receive loans from central banks.  Money will never be the same after that day in 1971.

Underground Living

Recently, the scientific community presented us with a historic piece of news. Well tucked away, miles deep into a cave in France, a Neanderthal lair was discovered. Some 170,000 years ago, the only existing hominids at the time living in the area were constructing some sort of room. There are traces of deliberately broken stalagmites and stalactites used to create a ring around remnants of burnt animal bones. The discovery raised a lot of answers, but also charged up more questions. Some pieces of rock and material were large enough that it evidently took a team effort of humans to construct the confines of the cave. Coming from the Rouzaud archaeology team brought in to research, “The Neanderthal group responsible for these constructions had a level of social organization that was more complex than previously thought.”

With this discovery, I hope the modern human realizes that our intellect and survival skills should be very apt to prepare to survive in areas beneath the surface of the Earth. For those that want to venture out and test their survival skills, are running away for problems, or wish to live in isolation, highly consider living underground.

Much of my life, I had a fascination with digging. Finding new areas to dig a large hole and create a fortress, I kept this passion for years until I tested out an underground fortress that I helped a friend of mine create in a forest far out from civilization where I realized how simple life could really be.

When you envision yourself living underground, what kind of shelter do you hope for?