What is Surviving

When people hear the word survive, what do they think about. Some people may think about an scraggly, bearded, older man living in the middle of a dense forest  using tools that he has created out of the environment to live his day to day life. Some people think that it is living through an outbreak of some sort, could be virus, could be economic, could be zombies. When I hear the word survive, I think of the basic struggles that the average person must go through just to get through their day. I think of the middle class families who are working for their bosses and masters just to get a little bit of satisfaction in return. Surviving is just living just below your means. All of us would like to be able to do more with our lives, but there are truly restrictions put in place to prevent us from doing so. We are required to pay taxes to our higher powers, and we are required to follow our religions, and we are required to serve. But when an outbreak happens, it is every person for themselves. Think about how your life would dramatically shift if their were new restrictions put in place. Would you settle for it? Would you allow it? Would you leave and go out on your own?

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