What is Surviving

When people hear the word survive, what do they think about. Some people may think about an scraggly, bearded, older man living in the middle of a dense forest  using tools that he has created out of the environment to live his day to day life. Some people think that it is living through an outbreak of some sort, could be virus, could be economic, could be zombies. When I hear the word survive, I think of the basic struggles that the average person must go through just to get through their day. I think of the middle class families who are working for their bosses and masters just to get a little bit of satisfaction in return. Surviving is just living just below your means. All of us would like to be able to do more with our lives, but there are truly restrictions put in place to prevent us from doing so. We are required to pay taxes to our higher powers, and we are required to follow our religions, and we are required to serve. But when an outbreak happens, it is every person for themselves. Think about how your life would dramatically shift if their were new restrictions put in place. Would you settle for it? Would you allow it? Would you leave and go out on your own?

Cause for Concern

Much of the world today revolves around what the citizens hear through their ears. Since many of us must work at least 40 hours a week to provide for ourselves and our families, much of what we learn is through the internet, television, radio, and our peers. The problem with that is, a lot of the noise that goes through our ears has been filtered specifically to influence our beliefs. What we call “news” is often the opinions of the companies who own the media stations and are specifically told what needs to be reciprocated to the masses.

At this point in history, much of the world is finding out what kind of propaganda is being shoved in our faces, and so many are tired of it. Thanks to the internet, word has been spread, people’s voices are being heard. They can drown everyone out as much as they want, but the masses influence is spreading.

All of these wars that have been fought, people who have been silenced, leaders who have been killed, the top may have decided to fight back. For those who have a reason to hide, it may be time to dip out and go out on your own, or you will be going out on their terms.

Natural disasters are also posing a grave threat to people who do not pay attention, do not understand, or do not care about the grave threats that the Earth’s functions pose to the people. Volcano eruptions, earthquakes, Tsunamis, flash floods, hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, Co2 gasses, smog filled cities, acid rain, and so much more are constant threats to their survival of the human race. Many do not truly understand what truly is at stake.

For these reasons, it may be incumbent for you to start to search for a new location for you or your family’s sake. Thank goodness you turned to this blog. We will be talking about survival possibilities, locations for you to reside, and what you can do to protect yourself. In the coming weeks, there will be many blog posts relating to this subject, and you surely are not going to want to miss it!

Tama Survivor

Tama Survivor

Do you ever feel like there is a chance of upcoming need for survival in the coming future. Zombie outbreak, volcano eruption, massive ice age, Earth ripping Earthquake, ozone layer further opening, economic collapse, martial law, war, personal survival reasons. If any of the previously listed are reasons that you may need to get out of your comfort zone and go survive on your own with a group, then you have come to right site to discover the information necessary to succeed. We will be discussing survival tactic in the case of possibly the inevitable. Join us for this wild ride.

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